mcgm2During the investigation of a report by NMTV, the possibility of a massive scam running into hundreds of Crores of rupees has been unearthed at MCGM. More than 400 contractors of MGCM have come under the scanner for evading octroi tax for which MCGM’s Vigilance department has also sent notices but the contractors continue to escape from justifying their stance. After receiving a report on the octroi evasion by many contactors at MCGM, NMTV started an analytical approach towards this front. Our first step was to meet the Octroi Chief V Radha who after receiving certain information from us started a study of the purchase list of MCGM. Out of these, she rounded 559 contractors as suspicious and sent written notices to them. When response was not received from these contractors, another notice was sent to them in which only 131 of the 559 replied back. Out of these 131 contractors, 91 took the ruse of local purchase, 23 of them sending receipts of paying octroi duty, while 17 of them were given the Y form facility. The rest 428 contractors are yet to reply back with their justifications. More information on the notices sent was given by MCGM Additional Commissioner, Anil Diggikar. When NMTV’s Rajeev Mishra quested if the guilty contractors would be penalized 11 times the tax evasion amount and would be black listed, Anil Diggikar tried to mislead us stating that the 11 times penalty is levied only on those violators who are convicted under the law. However, this was only a cover up for we reminded Anil Diggikar of how MCGM had booked merchants in Dadar 11 times penalty for octroi evasion even though they were not convicted. To this Diggikar was again seen fumbling for answers. Of the many contractors booked by MCGM for tax evasion, the name of Anthony Motors – the contractors who is known for making garbage pick-up vehicles for MCGM and NMMC – is a prominent one. When he was asked about the octroi evasion done by Anthony Motors, he said that action against Anthony Motors was in the process. Reliable sources inform that MCGM has asked the contractor Anthony Motors to pay a fine of Rs 83 lakhs while the civic body has collected Rs 21 lakhs from another contractor named Auto west system private limited. However, the way the actions against the contractors is being carried out in a secretive way, seems like MCGM is working under pressure of the contractors. What else can explain the fact that the civic body has not bothered to get to the depth to the reason of local purchase given by contractors to save themselves from octroi evasion and if investigated thoroughly, there is a high probability of a massive scam unearthing which if fined by MCGM can give a boost to the civic treasury to the tune of hundreds of Crores of Rupees. With cameraperson Dhanse Mehboob, Rajeev Mishra for NMTV News.

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