zeba-mdm-award-2Nave Shehar, In New Bombay and Newsband celebrated their anniversary ceremony by holding an award function at Vishnudas Bhave auditorium. Many people were recognized for their efforts and contribution in various fields of life amongst whom was NMTV’s Managing Editor Zeba Warsia, who was given the Best Journalism Award 2008 for her immense dedication and contribution in the field of Journalism. On the occasion of the successful completion of its 14th Foundation day for Nave Shehar and first anniversary celebration for Newsband, the members of the publication along with In New Bombay held a grand celebration at Vishnudas Bhave auditorium. Present during the celebrations was Deputy Editor of Maharahstra Times Sanjeev Sabade, Publisher of Naveshehar and Newsband Kailash Gindodia, Editor of Newsband K R Bhatt, Editor of nave Shehar Shailesh Jadhav and Sub Editor of Nave Shehar Nandu Thakur. The celebration was marked with the distribution of the annual Nave Shehar Awards for people who made a difference in various fields of life like police, sports, journalism, academic, social and others. The Best policeman Award 2008 was handed over to Sandipan Shinde and Constable Sanjay Kumar Devkate. In the field of sports, Rashika Yadav was awarded for her excellence in the field of cricket, Harshad Prakash Chavan for excellence in academics, Vrushali Magdum for her contribution towards the welfare of women and society. We spoke Vrushali Magdum to know her feelings for receiving the award. We also share with our viewers that it has been a moment of pride for your channel when NMTV’s Managing Editor Zeba Warsia was conferred the “Best Journalist Award, 2008” at the hands of Maharashtra Times Deputy editor Sanjeev Sabade for exemplary services in the last 8 years in the local news station industry. Zeba Warsia had joined NMTV in the year 2000 as a news anchor and went on to attain various posts in the beginning with being a reporter, sub editor, editor and now the managing editor of NMTV. The jury commended her journey of excellence, calling her the rising star on the horizon of electronic media in this region. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.


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