dynastic-rule1NMTV had predicted a victory of NCP in both Airoli and Belapur and the predictions have come true. NCP Congress Belapur candidate Ganesh Naik beat his nearest poll rival BJP-Shiv Sena’s Suresh Haware with a margin of 12, 873 while Sandeep Naik has won from Airoli constituency with a margin of 11, 957. Navi Mumbai does not want change – the voters have voted for continuity and progress – continuity of Ganesh Naik’s leadership in Navi Mumbai and his progressive thoughts. And this time voters have not just shown belief in Ganesh Naik’s leadership but have extended their faith to his son Sandeep Naik – the Congress-NCP candidate from Airoli constituency as well as both the father-son are the voters choice of MLA from Belapur and Airoli constituency. As the counting for the Belapur constituency began from 8 am at the counting center at Vashi, Ganesh Naik’s lead just kept increasing in every round. By the time the 22 rounds of counting ended, NCP-Congress candidate Ganesh Naik secured 59, 685 votes as against his nearest poll rival BJP-Shiv Sena candidate Suresh Haware’s 46812 votes, giving Ganesh Naik a victory with a margin of 12873 votes. The surprise element post the results of Belapur constituency was MNS candidate Rajendra Mahale’s performance. The MNS candidate garnered 19, 569 votes clearly eating into the votes of the saffron alliance. His votes negated the 14516 votes that over hyped Congress rebel Namdeo Bhagat garnered. Speaking to the media post his victory, Ganesh Naik said that the voters of Navi Mumbai have proven that he is after all the people’s candidate. On the other hand all did not seem well in the Airoli constituency when the voting began. As rounds progressed, NCP-Congress candidate Sandeep Naik and Shiv Sena-BJP candidate Vijay Chougule moved neck to neck till the counting reached Koperkhairane. Only when counting of votes began from Koperkhairane and reached to sectors of Vashi and Turbhe, did Sandeep Naik overtake the saffron candidate and at the end of the 23 rounds of counting emerged as the winner with a lead of 11957 votes. The total votes that Sandeep Naik garnered were 79075 as against the 67118 garnered by Vijay Chougule. Post his victory, Sandeep Naik thanked voters who showed confidence in the party leadership of NCP. The tradition of secularism & communal harmony is the hallmark of the Naik family & it is being followed generation to generation. After the Lok Sabha elections, the state assembly elections had become the biggest challenge for the first family of Navi Mumbai. And neither the change mantra, nor dynastic rule or Congress rebels could change the results that have proven that the support to the Naik family is as heady and strong even now as it has been for 4 decades. Indeed Navi Mumbai’s love affair with the Naik family continues. Zeba Warsia – NMTV News.


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