water-meter-4With the aim of providing 2 hours uninterrupted water supply and to avoid wastage of water by the residents, NMMC had installed water meters in buildings and complexes. But today with the poor quality of work done by the NMMC contractor, water leakage is being faced by many residents. The quality of work is so shabby that at many places the joints of the water meters have broken down wasting water profusely. It maybe recalled that the contract for installing water meters in the city was given to Chetas Company by NMMC. Few months back NMTV News had exposed how due to the irresponsibility and poor quality of work by the contractor, NMMC had to incur huge losses. According to guidelines, the contractor was supposed to install security boxes with the water meters which were not done. Ultimately, with no security 278 water meters were stolen incurring a huge loss of Rs 9 lakhs for NMMC. And the maligns of the contractor does not end here. Water meters were fitted in haste and the quality was so poor that today all the water meters of the city are facing leakage. The fitting is weak because of which whenever water comes in force, the cheap jointers break and water flows freely. Residents complained that the engineer has to be called and only after that does the water stop flowing as there is no stop wall installed by the contractor. Residents further complained that whenever there is no supply of water, contractor’s worker come and work on the water meter and do not even come later on to check after water supply starts again. Even residents stated that whatever work was done was done in haste. There is also a tiny hole inside the water meter because gets filled with dirt blocking water supply. Such work and negligence by contractor exposes how the tax payer’s money is criminally being wasted and the officials in charge are shirking away the calls of their duty by not checking this criminal wastage. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Archana Tripathi for NMTV News.


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