mayor-election-NMTV Predictions have come true. Sagar Naik will be Mayor of Navi Mumbai, Bharat Nakhate will be Dy. Mayor and Vitthal More Leader of the House as the trio filed their nominations at the NMMC Secretary’s Office in the presence of MLA Sandeep Naik. NMTV Predictions have come true. NCP’s youth corporator Sagar Naik filed his nominations for the post of Mayor at the NMMC Secretary’s office. It may be recalled that Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik’s nephew Sagar Naik had won the NMMC Elections unopposed from Ward No. 38, Khairane village. Post NMMC Elections, NMTV News had predicted that Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik would give the responsbility of the Mayor of Navi Mumbai to Sagar Naik and that is exactly what happened. Sagar Naik is indeed fortunate that due to the blessings of his uncle Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik and his cousins MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik and MLA Sandeep Naik, first Sagar Naik won the NMMC Elections unopposed and then he has been given the honor of becoming the Mayor – the first citizen of Navi Mumbai. Since Sagar Naik has no experience about the functioning of NMMC, it was evident that Sagar Naik would be given back end support by giving the responsbility of Dy. Mayor to an experienced corporator and a Naik loyalist like Bharat Nakhate. Again NMTV News predictions came true as along with Sagar Naik filing nominations for the post of Mayor, Bharat Nakhate filed his nominations for the post of Dy. Mayor in the presence MLA Sandeep Naik. In the coming days, until Sagar Naik gets familiar with the functioning of NMMC and his duties as the Mayor of Navi Mumbai, the role that Bharat Nakhate will play in NMMC general body meetings and day to day affairs of NMMC was seen during the nomination filing as well; as Sagar Naik shied away and left NMMC without speaking a word to the media while Bharat Nakhate was left to face the media. Speaking to journalists, Bharat Nakhate said that in the coming five years their priority will be progress of Navi Mumbai. When questioned about the work that Sagar Naik and Bharat Nakhate will do as a team of Mayor and Dy. Mayor, Bharat Nakhate said that they will continue doing the work that NCP has been doing in Navi Mumbai for decades. After the Mayor and Dy Mayor nominations were filed, the declaration of other posts were made by NCP. Vithal More will now adorn the role of Leader of the House in the General Body. Earlier J D Sutar was Leader of the House but he was defeated in these elections and is out of NMMC now. For the three co-op corporators that NCP is entitled to, the party leadership has nominated Dhanaji Patil, Sabu Daniel and Siraj Hamid of Siraj Builders. The trio have been chosen to given representation to different communities in NMMC. The joke of the day was that making a mockery of democracy, the Shiv Sena – that has only 17 corporators in NMMC, just for record sake made Jagdish Gavte file nominations for the post of Mayor while Satish Ramane filed nominations for the post of Dy. Mayor. Speaking to the media on this, Shiv Sena’s Manohar Gaikhe claimed that the city should await a miracle. Its a wonder what mircale Manohar Gaikhe is talking about after their party lost the elections and the party could show no miracles during the elections. Commenting on Shiv Sena fielding candidates for Mayor and Dy. Mayor posts, Dy. Mayor elect of NCP Bharat Nakhate said that this can happen in a democracy though the public knew the ground reality of the situation. Another shocker from the Shiv Sena was that instead of Vijay Mane – the man who got three corporators elected for Shiv Sena, Suresh Bhilare filed the nominations for Sena’s co-op corporator. The elections and officials declaration for the Mayor and Dy. Mayor’s posts will be held on Sunday, May 9 in the first general body meeting of the new house. With camerapersons Abhay Prasad and Vinayak Dalvi, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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