Handicap-boothThere are so many scams in CIDCO and officials tainted in these scams and who have always been at the center of allegations for massive corruption; continue to be in office. From the Chief Ministers to the level of MLAs, all have always assured that action will be taken against corrupt minds and scamsters in CIDCO but until today nothing concrete has happened. How sorry is the state of affairs and the system that now these very corrupt officials are targeting the most vulnerable, oppressed and poor section of any society – persons with disabilities and their only source of bread and butter – that is telephone booths. If a handicap person with failed kidneys is beaten up while protesting the act of officials to demolish a handicap booth – it tells us the tragic story of the bitter realities and basic human rights violations of an insensitive society. For those who do not know already, handicap booths in Navi Mumbai were allotted by CIDCO to give handicap people living in the city an avenue to earn their daily livelihoods. Though allotment of handicap booth is not a very big aid as other countries offer much more and much better to handicaps, yet CIDCO’s Social Welfare does not tire of boasting what they have done for the handicap. However, now for reasons best known to CIDCO, these very handicap booths have come on the hit list of the encroachment dept of CIDCO. On record they are saying that these handicap booths are being removed to beautify the city, while off record allegations are being made that it’s all politically motivated. The entire issue came to light this week when CIDCO without justification went to demolish a handicap booth in Nerul, allegedly without prior notice. When handicap persons got a wind of the same, they went to the spot and protested the same. The Nerul police arrested the protesting handicap people and in the course, one handicap person was allegedly beaten up as well. Ansari, the handicap who was beaten up, is completely shaken up after the incident of being beaten up by the police and CIDCO officials. On hearing the incident and arrest of handicap persons during the protest, NMTV Editor-in-Chief Dr. Ravi Subbaiah who is also the President of the Handicap Welfare Association reached the Nerul Police Station and along with other handicap persons demanded action against the gross human rights violations done by the police and CIDCO by not only removing handicap booths but also beating handicap people in the process. The action of CIDCO has come as a shock to the handicap persons of the city running booths as they have got their stalls on lease for 60 years and it’s not like the booths have been allotted free of cost. Every handicap owning a booth has paid for it and CIDCO continues to collect property tax from them as well. The handicap people have written to the Managing Director of CIDCO Tanaji Satre and Commissioner of Police Ahmad Javed about the incident who has assured to look into their grievance. Even as the handicap people await justice from CP Javed Ahmed and CIDCO MD Tanaji Satre, the act of CIDCO to demolish handicap booth citing the reason of them being illegal is being criticized by all sections of society. CIDCO is one of the government offices where every now and then, the mother of scams is reported. There are scams in the name of FSI, plots, 12.5% PAP scheme. In fact even the dead people are not spared. And everyone knows that tainted and corrupt CIDCO officials are behind these scams and despite grave allegations against them and several committees indicting their roles in these scams, these officials continue to remain in the same office and same department for years. And now these very corrupt officials are targeting the most vulnerable, oppressed and poor section of any society – persons with disabilities and their only source of bread and butter – that is telephone booths. The audacity of the CIDCO officials is such that they mock at the handicap and say that if they want justice, they should go to court. Handicap people are so distressed, disturbed and traumatized by the action of CIDCO that they say perhaps like farmers, the day is not far when even the disabled will have to commit suicide.

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