rai-university-5Over the weekend, there was mayhem at the Rai University campus again. Students started gathering in the campus demanding that the drawbacks mentioned in the Mumbai University’s report of affiliation to Rai University, be met with. The strength of students increased till late in the night. Students retreated only after a written assurance from the management was given to them. Hundreds of students of Rai University gathered at the college campus in protest demanding that the management of Rai University give them in writing that they would upgrade infrastructure as and when Mumbai University wants it to do so. The decision was reached after students stood in protest outside the Belapur campus and threatened to not let anybody leave the campus. Since afternoon, the students were demanding a written assurance over the infrastructure issue and dispersed only after they were given a written assurance after 1 in the night. Following refusal by the management to meet the students to discuss their demands, they had threatened to forcibly confine faculty members inside the college. The Rai University management was forced to give in writing that they would fulfill all the necessary infrastructure norms laid down by Mumbai University, All India Council for Technical Education and Distant Technical Education. The Academic Council’s found that: * The university building has been leased for five years. * The admission criterion is not in tune with that of the All-India Council of Technical Education, the state government or the Mumbai University. Syllabus is different from that of the Mumbai university; there’s a semester system, with internal assessment * The Mumbai University does not offer courses like BTech and MTech in Engineering and Bio-Technology, BA in Tourism, MSc in Food Technology etc. Laboratory equipment is basic and minimum, staff is inadequate and pay scales are different. Earlier Navi Mumbai News had also conversed with Director of RU – Savita Senger on the status of the affiliation. However, even she was unclear about it. Students of Rai University had met State Education Minister Dilip Valse Patil and State Minister of Education in Medicine – Suresh Shetty. They are the key persons deciding whether affiliation can be granted to RU or not. Though a few parents had voiced that political pressure would bring affiliation to the university even though the Mumbai University declined affiliation, even the political leaders are in no mood to give affiliation. When quested by Navi Mumbai Editor Zeba Warsia whether the state would give affiliation or not, Suresh Shetty said that they cannot give affiliation. He further stated the reason for this and said that just any institute without approval of the state cannot come and provide educational courses and later seek affiliation.


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