turbhe-ambedkar-nagar-1The civic problems for the slums in the vicinity of the Turbhe Dumping Ground intensifying by the day. After Hanuman Nagar, the residents of Ambedkar Nagar voiced their problems to Navi Mumbai News Correspondent Rajeev Mishra how the diseases that are spreading here gives residents no reason to celebrate Diwali or Eid. We bring to you a report. Life for the residents of Ambedkar Nagar is next to living in hell. The residents who were fighting against problems like water shortage, electricity and garbage menace have an addition to it – and a more severe one in the form of the Turbhe Dumping Ground. The residents say that hailing from extremely poor backgrounds is the main reason why they are overlooked and treated like animals. Undoubtedly, a look around the area leaves little doubt that an epidemic is most likely to hit Ambedkar Nagar. The failure of the NMMC to scientifically develop the Turbhe Dumping Ground is now taking a heavy toll on the health of residents here who have become victims of every disease caused due to highly unhygienic and filthy conditions. No home in Ambedkar Nagar does not have a patient – and that if surveyed could actually become a record of sorts, courtesy the NMMC Health Dept. who aren’t doing a thing for the situation that prevails. The NMMC Hospital is very far; they have to make several visits for the treatment – with even the reports taking several days. Hence, resident’s only option is to get treated at private clinics here. For the poor residents, the loot by private doctors treatments are costing them every penny they earn. Residents claim that nearly 20 residents of the area have died due to fatal diseases, giving them no reason to celebrate Diwali or Eid. The clinics are packed with patients who show symptoms of malaria and chikungunia. The residents made serious allegations against NMMC Health Dept. and said that the NMMC hospital manipulates with blood tests to keep their records of malaria, dengue and chikungunia under check. However, the residents of Ambedkar Nagar, Hanuman Nagar, Ganesh Nagar, Indira Nagar and Turbhe Stores are running out of patience now. They say that if NMMC does not take the death of residents seriously and act upon it, they will not allow any garbage to be dumped at the Turbhe Dumping Ground. The disparity being shown by NMMC towards the rich and influential and the poor and needy is very unfortunate. The way city leaders are ignoring such grave matters, it is clear that money is clearly winning all the way.


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