cess-2After making a historic decision of cutting down water bills, another significant decision taken by the standing committee meet is not to increase the property taxes this year. However, many are saying that the decision was taken in haste due to the upcoming municipal elections. A proposal regarding the rise in the rate of property tax and cess was presented in the recently held standing committee meeting. As per the directives of Maharashtra Government on increasing tax rates, the municipal corporation was bound to abide by the orders. Following these directives, the municipal corporation brought a proposal to apply same rate of tax that was applied in the previous year. All standing committee members approved the proposal unanimously. It must be noted that the approval of all the members was necessary as the NMMC had decided to declare the annual budget before the implementation of the code of conduct. Speaking about the decision, Standing committee chairman Sandeep Naik spoke more on this decision. With no increase in taxes and by giving relaxation in water bills to Navi Mumbaikars, the ruling NCP has been successful in winning the hearts of the citizens. Last year the corporation received a good amount of cess and hence this year is able to keep the same rates as last year. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Monica Bhosale for NMTV news.

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