No lessons learnt! Despite serial blasts in Mumbai security lapses in all railway stations

Multiple unmanned entrances, ill-equipped scanning equipment, inadequate security personnel raise security concerns at almost all the railway stations of the satellite city.

The Mumbai serial blasts of 13/7 brought back the nightmares of the 26/11 terror attacks that had struck the city in 2008 where several innocent lives were lost especially at the CST railway station. At a time when terrorists have targeted crowded places like trains and railway stations always, the railway stations of Navi Mumbai continue to be in a state of low preparedness to counter terror threats. There are multiple unmanned entrances, ill equipped scanning equipment and lack of adequate security personnel amply which clearly hint at this. NMTV team took a visit of some prominent railway stations like Vashi, Juinagar and Sanpada where lack of security was alarming. Thousands of people daily throng the railway station, yet the bunkers do not have any police personnel stationed here. And rather than standing in protection of the commuters, some of the railway police personnel were seen casually standing near bikes as if that’s what that they have to guard. Commuters shared that there was lack of security at the railway stations.

Commuters say that if such a situation continues, then the attacks that happened in Mumbai could easily happen here too. The worst condition was seen at Sanpada railway station where, not even one police personnel was stationed. We then tried to speak to an employee of the railway police who was not even aware of the security measures taken at the station. Commuters say that they travel in fear due to the lack of security at the stations. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Gangasingh Rajpurohit for NMTV News.

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