No one in the government wants a corruption free India : Anna Hazare echoes sentiments of millions of Indians

Mumbai : “The government is targeting me and trying to gather information about my past to target me”, said Anna Hazare in a room packed with journalists and media personnel at the Mumbai Press Club.

However, Anna said that he was confident that the government would find nothing. “I have no bank balance. I live in a temple in an eight feet by ten feet room. I just have a plate to eat and a bed to sleep on. What will you find?” questioned Anna Hazare as he hit out at the government for cheating them.

He said that, “The government said they would present their draft as well as our draft before the Union Cabinet but they betrayed the people by presenting only their draft.

The support that the “Anna August 16 fast” against corruption is getting from around the country, is a warning bell for the Dr. Manmohan Singh government, say observers.

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