A non traditional energy conservation workshop was held in Thane by Kalwa youth Congress. During the inauguration, director of Petrol conservation and research association Rajesh Balani stated that everyone should be given knowledge about fuel conservation and its importance. A panel discussion was also held after the inauguration. Many administrative and non administrative institutions hold campaigns for conservation of fuel. Rajesh Balani stated that instead of holding campaigns, it is necessary that it should be put into practise. For the discussion panel, President of Maharashtra regional youth congress Rajeev Satav and deputy transport officer of Thane Anand Patil and others were present. Anand Patil made an appeal to conserve fuel and energy and contribute for the development of the nation whereas Satav gave information on maintaining of environmental balance. In this programme, save fuel rally was conducted along with solar energy equipments inaugurated. From Thane, Manoj Singh for NMTV News.

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