dawood-3Perhaps for the first time, history of the salt satyagraha came alive at Ghansoli as noted historian Dawood Dalvi addressed a gathering in an even organized by Vande Mataram Social Foundation. Celebrating the success of freedom fighters to bring an end to arbitrary practice of levying tax on salt by the British governance held in the year 1930, Vande Mataram Social Foundation organized an event in Ghansoli village. Not many know that the village was a part of the salt satyagraha movement. Based on the understanding of Ghansoli being one of the centers for freedom fighters to participate in salt satyagraha penned by historian Prof Dawood Dalvi, a reminder service was held. Being the second year into organizing this memorable program, the events largely attempted to relive the struggles and zest of Satyagrahis towards getting salt tax abolished. Considering that prominent freedom fighters visited the village, added immense value to the programme. Series of activities were witnessed from May 1 onwards during Salt Satyagraha as they assembled at Versova and Ghansoli village before heading to Thane. These findings are vividly discussed by Dalvi in the book ‘Thane Zilla Sahitya’. The commemorative service that began in the evening saw the professor informing public about the happenings during salt satyagraha and the role the village and its residents played. Following this, a prayer ceremony was held at the pillar constructed in memory of the freedom fighters. The village was visited by noted freedom fighters like Dr Rajendra Prasad, Kasturba Gandhi, Sarojini Naidu during the satyagraha. May 8 was a prominent day in this regard that saw freedom fighters assembling to capture salt from factors at Airoli and Diva so as to sell it at Thane. This was mentioned for the younger generation to be aware and take inspiration. Nilofar Shaikh – NMTV News.

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