fish-die-1With chemical effluents being left out in the water of the holding pond situated at Mini Seashore Vashi has led to the deterioration of the fauna life of the pond. Locals in the area allege that with the releasing of chemical effluents in the water, the beauty of the holding pond is being destroyed. In what can be called as a shocking revelation, thousands of fishes were found dead at the holding pond at Mini Sea Shore Vashi. Huge number of fishes were seen floating in the holding pond which was spotted by the joggers who visited Mini seashore for their daily activity. The dead fishes floated to the shore and amidst the garbage that has been dumped in the pond, one can see the dead fishes. Locals in the area expressed concern over the deterioration of the fauna life in the holding pond and said due to the dirt and dead fishes in the pond, foul smell had become constant there. It is reportedly being stated that the fishes are dying due to the release of chemical effluents in the holding pond. While the joggers have to go through foul smell during their jogs and walks, the fauna life of the holding pond have deteriorated completely. And its not just the dead fishes but even garbage is seen strewn at the edges of the holding pond, giving the entire mini seashore a dirty and unhygienic look, something very unfortunate as scores of residents come to mini seashore for their daily walking or jogging. When the walkers and joggers spotted the dead fishes in the pond, they immediately complaint to former corporator of the area Avinash Lad. Speaking to NMTV News, Avinash Lad said that despite complaining to NMMC about this grave issue, the officials failed to arrive at the spot for inspection. With cameraperson Deepak kamble, Kala Jadhav for NMTV News.

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