wine-story-1After reports of insects and other things in cold drinks, now insects have been spotted in wine bottles, putting a question mark on the quality of these wines. City resident Manohar Totlani bought a Directors Special 375 ml bottle from Preetesh Beer bar that is located in Belapur village. But before uncorking the bottle he spotted that within the sealed bottle there was something floating inside. When he looked closely he found that the bottle had a dead insect in it. After finding the insect he bought another bottle of the same 121 batches for rupees 120 which too had an insect in it. Speaking with Navi Mumbai News, he informed that BYTE The owner and wine making company too shrugged off when questions about the quality of the wine were put forth to them. Being a known brand in wines, the case puts a question mark on the quality of the wine being supplied in the market.

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