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Now loot in the name of gutter repair in Shiv Sena Corporator Saroj Patil’s ward no. 81, Agroli village

The loot of public taxes seems to have become an unethical practice in NMMC. The latest reports have come from ward no. 81 Agroli Village, where NMMC is all set to spend Rs. 25 lacs in the name of gutter and drainage repair. However, locals of the area say that the same work was carried out two years ago and there is no need to spend the taxes on this work while other civic works haunt Shiv Sena corporator Saroj Patil’s ward.

Looks like looting public taxes has become a habit with corporators of NMMC. Wherever one sees, corporators are raising smallest of civic issues in their wards and projecting them as being the biggest of burning grievances of tax payers just so that Crores of public taxes can be siphoned by corrupt minds. And approving such proposals without studying the need for them has become a trend in NMMC, while corporators continue to either be party to such proposals or are ignorant about them. Another such case has come to light from Shiv Sena corporator Saroj Patil’s ward no. 81 Agroli village where NMMC is going to spend lakhs of public taxes in the name of repairing gutters and drains. The proposal was approved by the Standing Committee last week for Rs. 24 lacs 78 thousand 782 and has been awarded to M/s V B Bhoir Construction. As per the proposal the work will be carried out all over Agroli village. However, when NMTV News visited, the gutters and drains were in perfect conditions, with only minor repairs needed at a few places.

Even though the gutters and drains are in good condition, the NMMC is going to break old gutters, digging, sealing, raft, constructing slabs, composite resins cover with frame and picking up debris. Locals exposed the wastage of funds that NMMC is going to do in the name of gutters and drains repair at Agroli village as they said that these very gutters and drains were repaired a little while ago. The tax payers of the ward also disapproved the huge amount of Rs. 25 lacs going to be wasted in the work.

A woman suggested that instead of wasting public taxes on this work, NMMC should have instead made a garden for children in the ward. What’s worse is that, this ward is reeling under many other grave civic issues that need to be addressed by the local corporator Saroj Patil; one being rats menace. When we visited the public relation office of the local corporator Shiv Sena’s Saroj Patil, her office shutters were down while her husband Rahidas Patil spoke to us on the phone and feigned ignorance that such a proposal was approved. One of the main responsibilities of any corporator is to be available for woes of people, whether it is day or night and it’s also their duty to ensure that the taxes that the public pays from their hard earned money is utilized to address the issues of residents and their welfare. But Shiv Sena corporator Saroj Patil from Ward No. 81 Agroli Village seems to be setting an unfortunate example of keeping her doors closed for the public during the day even as lacs of public taxes are going to be looted in the name of gutter repair in her ward. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Gangasingh Rajpurohit for NMTV News.

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