School bus drivers, owners and attendants won’t be the only ones in hot water the next time a mishap occurs on a school bus. At a meeting with principals, school managements, school bus associations and Mumbai’s PTA United Forum, state transport commissioner Deepak Kapoor said that school managements would have to share the responsibility in case of a mishap. The decision was taken in the light of the CKT School tragedy, in which five kids studying at the Panvel school succumbed to their injuries after the bus caught fire last month. State Transport Commissioner Deepak Kapoor has said that schools can no longer shrug off responsibility for bus mishaps on the grounds that the buses were not their own but hired on contract. But, though schools will now be responsible for the buses they own or hire, what happens in cases where parents privately hire their own vehicles-like tempos and Omnis-to ferry kids to school? For this the transport Commissioner is in the process of regulating private vehicles too. The department has sent schools a list of guidelines on school buses that will have to be implemented. These include having the world “School Bus” written on the front and rear of the bus. School buses will also have to carry the mobile number of the bus owner prominently on the bus so that the next time you catch a speeding school bus you can directly complain to its owner. Bureau report NMTV News.


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