number-plates-3As the number of vehicles increases, so does the number of accidents. With the aim of regulating the records of accidents, the number plate rules were brought into effect, but violations are still reported. Under the Central Parking Vehicles Rules – 51 – size & letters and numerical of registers rule, various rules have been brought into effect for enhancing traffic decorum. The rules include having two different number plates in the front and back of four wheelers and two wheelers. Private vehicles should have white colored black numbered plates while tourist vehicles should have yellow colored black numbered plates. The number plates should not have any specially designed numbering styles or even numbers. However, this rule is often seen violated. There are specifications of the length of numbers to be written on both two wheelers and four wheelers. There are also rules for number plates of cars, tempos, trucks and other vehicles. Those who violate the rules have to pay a fine of Rs. 100. But one can often see blatant violation of these norms especially by political parties and their members who show off party flags and other party symbols on number plates. But action on these vehicles by the RTO or Traffic Police is quite rare or rather never taken.


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