A 40 year-old tree fell on a resident of Nehru Nagar in Kurla East smashing his leg bone. In the incident, the injurer’s car was also smashed. The injured Kiran Pawar is a resident of Nehru Nagar in Kurla east. He was standing outside his society Preeti Sagar when a 40 year old tree fell on him. While he immediately moved to save himself, one of his left got smashed by the heavy trunk of the tree. His car was also damaged. He is admitted in a private clinic now. It is being said that construction work was being done at the society and that the contractor was haphazardly cutting roots of tress to make way for development. In the process he even destroyed the roots of this old tree which fell on Kiran Pawar. Kiran Pawar’s brother also alleged that the contractor had already cut many trees before destructing nature. While MCGM is dreaming of making Mumbai green with Harit Mumbai Swach Mumbai schemes, corporators in nexus with contractors are busy squashing their dreams for their selfish benefits. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Mushtaq Khan for NMTV News.

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