onion1Even as the price of most vegetables is seeing a fall in the wholesale market, the prices of onions have seen a hike by almost 100%. Wholesale traders attribute the price hike to the fall in production by 50% due to climatic changes in the last three months. This year, the prices of onions have seen a huge rise fluctuating between Rs 180 to Rs 200 per 10 kg and the lowest price recorded was Rs 160 to 170 per 10 kg. Depending on the production of onions, the high and low in prices are seen. There has been a hike in rate due to the decrease in the production of onions. According to Onion cultivators, another factor giving into to the fall in production of onions is because winter has set in late and unseasonal rains have hit most parts of the country, thus affecting the production. The unseasonal rains have also infected the onion cultivation with a disease called Karpa. Besides this, the duration of loadshedding in rural areas is one of the causes for low production, as they do not get sufficient electricity to pump water into their farms. According to the traders, fall in prices would be seen only in the next month or so. Till that time consumers would have to pay around rupees 16 to rupees 20 per kg in the retail market. With Kala Jadhav, Vrushali Chitre for NMTV news.

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