dog2And while NMMC has failed to do its job, MSEDC too has failed miserably. In a bizarre incident, a stray dog was electrocuted when came in contact with a street lamp pole causing its death at Turbhe. A stray dog dies when it came in contact with a street pole and got electrocuted. Residents in the area informed that this was not the first time that such incidents were reported in the area during the monsoon season. They alleged that the authorities had failed to respond to their complaints regarding the issue. The concerned authority here is that of MSEDC which is suppose to cover open cable wires and repair open DP boxes so as to avoid any mishappenings. However, the incident has once again raised the concern of the poor work done by MSEDC. What comes as a concern is that children playing and adults move about in the narrow lanes and a single touch can prove to be a death knell for them. With cameraperson Roshan Hate, Jan Cabral for NMTV news.

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