r-r-patilThe Maharashtra Police has a new task at hand – and definitely not an easy one. The police have been instructed by Home Minister R R Patil to help rebuild his tarnished image. Well, as you know the Home Minister has been spotted in functions in the company of criminals. Claiming ignorance on their identities, R R Patil now wants to state police to scan people who invite the Home Minister and are likely to be seen with him in public events. And only those who do not have a criminal record will be allowed to meet the Home Minister. As if the state police already did not have enough on its hand that it has been given another task, which is anything but easy. The state police now have the additional assignment of rebuilding the dented image of Home Minister R R Patil, who has been hurtling from one controversy to another after being spotted in presence of criminals. The decision comes in the wake of growing instances of images of Patil in the company of criminals at public functions. Perhaps you remember the footage splashed on television channels showing the Home Minister on the camera in the company of key aides of Dawood Ibrahim at an iftaar party hosted by a NCP Leader and Minorities Committee Chairman Naseem Siddiqui. Salim Pandit alias Salim Goa Gutka, Irfan Qureshi and Mobin Qureshi, wanted by the police in several criminal cases, were seen at leisure chatting and enjoying the iftaar party with the Home Minister R R Patil in a flat in Mumbai. In another incident, R R Patil was seated next to wanted criminal Afsar Khan at a public function held at Aurangabad this week. What has added to the Home Minister embarrassment is a remark of the Aurangabad court. In a matter related to the state’s inability to get hold of a criminal, the Aurangabad High Court observed “How can they be arrested when they are seen in the company of the Home Minister?” The court’s strictures against Home Minister R R Patil have caused major embarrassment to Democratic Front government. Now the State Home Ministry has issued a circular. According to it : * The police department must ascertain the credentials of individuals and weed out criminals wherever R R Patil goes. * The local police station will have to screen people at every function Home Minister R R Patil. * The police will ensure no criminal crosses his path in any event. * Everyone offering bouquets or seated next to R R Patil will have to pledge there are no criminal cases registered against them in any police station. The circular has been sent to Director General of Police D Sivanandhan. Home Minister R R Patil himself went through the note before it was sent for execution across police zones in the state. While the turn of events are both concerning and amusing too, it will be a wait and watch how the police help R R Patil rebuild his tarnished image. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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