The report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India on revenue receipts of the state government for 2008-09, cited underassessment, short levy and loss of revenue amounting to Rs 3,185.28 crore. The loss of revenue amounting to Rs 3,185.28 crore is found in the records of sales tax, state excise, motor vehicles tax, stamp duty and registration fees, land revenue and other departmental offices. The shortfall was found in 7,205 cases in a test check. The other findings in the report are: * Arrears of water charges amounting to Rs 1,005.21 crore, which were pending recovery as on March 31, 2009. * Nine public sector undertakings “did not either seize the opportunity to recover their money or pursue the matters to their logical end. As a result, recovery of money amounting to Rs 332.70 crore remains doubtful.” * The CAG has questioned the allotment of work of commercial exploitation of land owned by RTO, Andheri, without tendering as well as incorrect valuation of the property that resulted in undue benefit of Rs 73.45 crore to the developer. * Incorrect grant of exemption of Rs 160.40 crore to multiplex theatre complexes on account of non-fulfillment of prescribed conditions. * The CAG has also said it would be “desirable” to have an independent regulatory body to fix the fares, specify operations on uneconomical routes and address grievances of commuters in the public transport sector. * The CIDCO suffered a revenue loss of Rs 4.46 crore due to allotment of residential-cum-commercial plot for residential purposes and allotment of school plots to an ineligible party. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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