J.JA painting exhibition was held at the very famous J J School of Arts where 150 year old paintings were kept for display. A painting exhibition was held at J J School of Arts. The most unique part of this exhibition was that the paintings displayed were of 150 year old painted by popular arists like Prinad, Palshikar, Raza, Gaitonde, Ambalaal Rehman, Ithawala, Nageshwar and Indra Sharma. The drawings were made with the help of ink pen, charcoal & pencil. Along with paintings, exquisite sculptures were also kept for display. Some of the flawless paintings were priced for more than 3 crores. Former director of NCPA and Musician Dr.Ashok Ranjale was present for the exhibition and expressed his views with us. The Dean of J J School of Arts, M B Pawar stated the purpose of displaying 150 year old paintings. The exhibition that would be going on till the 10th of March is expected to be a great success indeed as it has been attracting huge numbers of art lovers. With cameraperson Ravi Nikkam, Archana Tripathi for NMTV News.

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