pakidentityClose to our reports on how the unmanned coastline and exit points of Navi Mumbai make the city a vulnerable hub for illegal or even terrorist activities, came a rather shocking report. From the Shedung toll naka coming under the Panvel district to the Barvepul, 14 Pakistani IDs have been recovered. These IDs were found not by the police but by some villagers of these areas who handed over the IDs to police department. Besides the ID cards being of Pakistani nationals what also did not go amiss is that the IDs were retrieved from an exit point of the city. The 14 Pakistani IDs were found from Shedung Toll Naka – an exit point of Navi Mumbai ahead of Panvel and the same has left the Navi Mumbai police puzzled and shocked. The IDs were not found by the police patrolling the exit point but Waman Gaikar a local of a village at Shedung who found 5 IDs. Not being able to read what it said, he took the ID to an officer in his company who was shocked to see that all the 5 IDs were Pakistani. Soon after Waman and his superior found that the IDs were from Pakistan they informed the Panvel Rural Police. The Navi Mumbai Police and ATS reportedly got into action and a combing operation of the Shedung exit and the area around Old Mumbai Pune Highway led to the police finding in total 14 Pakistani IDs. The IDs also have Saudi Arabia and Dubai addresses. The IDs had Karachi addresses in them and it is being said that the age group of these people were from 19 to 60. Some locals who did not wish to speak to us on camera said that a few of the persons on the IDs resembled terrorists. To get the facts right, we visited the Panvel Rural Police Station and while one would have expected the officials to be on high alert, our reporter saw the Senior Police Inspector of the Station Rawle sleeping in a room. Despite our request, the sub ordinates police officials did not wake their Senior. The situation exposes the reason why it is easy to conduct anti social activities in the city. However, the most concerning aspect of the entire incident is that the IDs have been retrieved from an exit point in the city, something that Waman Gaikar informed us. Close to the terror attacks in Mumbai, finding 14 Pakistani ID cards from an exit point in Navi Mumbai has again put the city on the terror radar map.

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