palm-beach-accident-1Accidents seem to be at a rise on Palm road. The series of freak accidents for long time have become a worry of concern. In yet another accident, a couple when injured. The Palm Beach road in the city has all the qualities of a super built up road. But despite the look and up to the mark maintenance, the speed that the road allows due to the absence of speed breakers has drastically increased the number of accidents that take place here. Despite the signals, traffic discipline is one factor that goes amiss for the motorists as the broad roads are very inviting and lure one to drive at very high speed, especially enthused youngsters. And if the records are anything to be considered here, this list of accidents is indeed a long one. Since there are no speed-breakers on Palm road and the signals are broken more often than not, cars loose balance. In an accident yesterday a couple were injured when a black Honda City lost balance and went off the road narrowly escaping one of the vendors here. The car number being DL I C F 6436 smashed into a tree. Another eye witness said that this particular car was racing with another car that resulted in the accident. Ever since the Palm road was thrown over to commuters reckless driving is a common feature here. Several drivers who indulge in this die themselves, hurting others in the course. Adding to this, due to the massive construction activities underway here, the dumpers keep moving in and out with no traffic discipline whatsoever. This has also led to the condition of Palm road becoming highly deplorable. NMMC and CIDCO should treat Palm Road as mini Expressway. There is a need of not just signals and speed breakers but ambulance, traffic police and telephone booths. Since there is no first aid that can be provided to accident victims, the death rate is high. Unless a speed limit be enforced and precautionary measures taken, Palm Beach Road in the coming days could become a disaster zone. There is another interesting believe it or not in context to the number of accidents on Palm Road. Villagers believe that in ancient time, there were rituals and sacrifices done to please the Goddess of the Creek here. But urbanization and the dawn of new cultures could not appease the Goddess, and so could be a cause for frequent accidents. It however, remains to be a myth but time andagain the number of accidents taking place on the Palm Beach Road forces one to believe so.


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