For the upcoming state assembly elections, Election Officers are gearing up so that free and smooth elections are conducted round the city. Monika Bhosale spoke to the Election Offcials for an update on the prepartions being done for the elections in Panvel and Belapur constituency. For the Panvel assembly constituency, Election Officer Pandurang Magdum informed that there a total of 26,47,033 voters for this year’s state assembly elections. There would be 275 polling stations along with 275 Electronic Voting Machines. A total of 1860 staff have been put on election duty during this time. A R Kalsekar College in Panvel has been designated as the counting centre and the strong room. Election officers have already held meetings with police personals to ensure smooth running of elections. Vulnerable mapping zones, which are zones which is under the influence of any political party and does not allow free and fair elections, would also be shortlisted soon, he informed. To ensure that political parties abide by the election code of conduct, meetings have also been held with the parties. It should be noted that six police stations would fall under the Panvel constituency. For the 151 Belapur assembly constituency, Election Officer Vaidahi Ranade informed that there are 3,11,494 voters in this constituency. There are 309 polling booths and 45 regional election offices. There are 370 voting machines and 1900 polling stations. She informed about the distribution of the voting machines and the training to be provided to the election officers. She also informed that Sacred Heart school in Vashi has been designated as the counting centre and strong room with full security. Till now, there has been no reports of violations of Election Code of Conduct, she said. As per the Election Commission, a team has been formed to look into any violations. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.


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