baio-gasA plant for generating electricity from biodegradable waste is ready in Panvel near the MSRTC bus stand at Uran Nakah. The city’s first civic waste biogas and 10 kilo watt cogeneration plant in Panvel Municipal Corporation area will support 250-300 street lamps. The 8 kw biogas plant in Panvel near the MSRTC bus stand at Uran Nakah was commissioned recently. The heat and power plants will be powered by waste products derived from sewage, agricultural and municipal waste, and weeds grown on marginal land. Of the construction cost of Rs 4 lakh, the PMC contributed Rs 4 lakh and CUF Rs. 2 lakh. The balance amount was granted as a subsidy. The plant is part of the PMC’s initiative to set up garbage, bio-waste treatment-cum-electricity-generating plants in all its limits in the Panvel taluka. In the first phase, three wards, including Panvel, have been selected. The Uran Nakah plant is capable of treating 1500 kg of biodegradable waste and generate 8 kw of electricity daily. The new bio gas plant will generate enough power to support more than 500 street lamps and 100 homes of those living below poverty line in the villages of the area, where the plant will function to its full capacity. While Panvel Municipal Council and local leaders of the mode are boasting that the scheme will not only reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, but will make a significant improvement to the PMC’s overall carbon footprint by displacing renewable energy fuels – a completely sustainable solution, if one looks at failure of the NMMC’s Carbon Credit initiative to take off despite a year of is commencement, there’s little hope that PMC’s initiative will be any success. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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