panvel-fake-notes-4Under the leadership of Commissioner of Police Ramrao Wagh, the Panvel Police has arrested one youth couple with fake currency of Rs. 4 Lakhs. On receiving a hunch from a very reliable source, Commissioner of Police Ramrao Wagh informed the Panvel Police Station that a young couple would arrive in a local train somewhere in the evening at Panvel Railway Station. The couple would be carrying a plastic bag with suspicious contents. On the Commissioner’s instruction, a team of Panvel Police officials headed by SPI Dilip Nalawde spread themselves at various corners of the railway station. After waiting for quite sometime, the police spotted a couple with a baby similar to the suspects. As the couple started heading to hail a rickshaw, the police zeroed on them and checked the contents of the plastic bag. The police found Rs. 4 lakh new currency notes in the bag. Suspecting that they could be fake, the police immediately called one of the officers from the UTI bank in the area who confirmed that they 500 and 1000 notes were indeed fake. The police informed that the couple were being instructed to do the delivery of the fake currency notes from someone in Bangalore. For Rs. 10, 000 the couple agreed to indulge in the crime. A team of police officials have been sent to Bangalore while further investigations in the case are underway.

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