kandeshwar-5The neglected historic Khandeshwar Pond is finally going to get a facelift under CIDCO’s beautification plans at an estimated cost of Rs 44 lakhs. The Khandeshwar pond situated near the Khandeshwar Mahadeo Mandir has deteriorated today due to lack of repair and apathy of the concerned authorities over the 125 years of its existence. A garden is also situated on the other side of the temple which too is in a deteriorating condition today. In early times, many people used to visit the pond, enjoy the leisure’s of the garden but with garbage and foul smell taking over in the past years, people are unable to visit the pond. Moreover there has been no cleaning work done after Ganpati Visarjan each year. Domestic chores by locals have made the conditions of the pond worse. But the pond might just get a new lease of life as CIDCO plans to beautify and de-silt the pond at a cost of Rs 44 lakhs. Locals are praying that after beautification, periodic maintenance of the pond will be carried out by CIDCO. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Sarita Yadav for NMTV News.

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