The PAP’s of the Anik- Panjrapol project in Chembur have been visiting the Deputy Collector Office and MMRDA with their plea of rehabilitation but till date have received no response from the authorities. A delegation of the PAPs recently met with the Joint Commissioner of MMRDA Ashwin Bhide. Time and again there have been assurances from MMRDA that the Anik-Panjrapol project would be completed on time – the period being two years. The MMRDA had promised to rehabilitate the PAP’s and had informed that the documents for shifting the PAPs to other government homes were being verified by the Deputy Collector’s office. But it’s been two years to this and till date the rehabilitation process has reached no where. Now the project affected residents are alleging that they have the documents but the authorities are delaying the rehabilitation process on purpose. One of the Project Affected Persons who is also physically challenged is living with his family in a small plastic slum dwelling at the same place where the houses are destroyed. He alleges that despite being an eligible person for rehabilitation, he too has been declared as ineligible for rehabilitation. When we met Superintendent Engineer of MMRDA H R Shrimal, this is what he had to say. With cameraperson Roshan Hate, Mushtaq Khan for NMTV News.

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