pimpri1200 residents of the Pimpari village at Dahisar ahead of Panvel have been forced to live without power and drinking water for the last 48 years. The state had although started its Koina water and power project in the year 1960, till today proper rehabilitation has not been done for these project affected persons. Sudhir Sharma traveled to the village for more. These are the PAPs of the Koina water supply project who are yet to get rehabilitated – something that they have been waiting for, for the nearly 5 decades. From the year, 1958 to 1960 around 450 acres land of these families were taken away by the state for the Koina dam project with the aim of providing water and power. The condition was that the displaced 200 families would be given rehabilitation and every educated person in the family would be given employment but hearing these residents you can understand how much the state has fulfilled their promise. You may call it politics or failure of public representatives that for the last 48 years, these families have neither received water supply or power supply. The families have no option but to use borewell water, which is again very impure and which would work if there is adequate power supply. Pimpari village is one of the villages that was removed from NMMC’s jurisdiction in 2006 and since then the situation has gone from bad to worse with no record of the even the birth or the deaths in the villages. Where on side one sees the urban India in cities with skyscrapers, malls, multiplexes, skywalks, on the other side the 200 families of this village depict the reality of the rural in India. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.

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