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Pathetic conditions of neglected Panvel pond expose failure of local PWP Corporator

A historical pond of Patel Muhalla at Panvel today is reeling under pathetic condition. Locals of the area are frustrated due to the unhygienic condition of the pond. Locals alleged that the local PWP corporator Punjani Iqbal has failed to bring any relief to the residents.

The greenery that you see in these visuals is the green moss that has grown in this historical pond of Panvel at Patel Muhalla. The pond is located in between two mosques but Panvel Municipal Council has failed to eve maintain the tranquility of the area by keeping the vicinity clean. The pond and the mosques here have been a part of Panvel and are 400 years old. But the local corporator and PMC has failed miserably is maintaining this historical pond of Panvel.

There is garbage strewn and filth everywhere in and near the pond which has led to increase in diseases. The foul smell and unhygienic condition has resulted in diseases like malaria, dengue and asthma. The residents living here pay high taxes to the Panvel Municipal Council and yet they are even deprived of a basic way of life of cleanliness.

The public toilet nearby too is under dire condition with no doors and unclean. The residents today are disappointed with their local corporator who is from the ruling PWP Punjani Iqbal and has failed to do anything to conserve or beautify the historical pond. On the other hand, local PWP corporator Punjani Iqbal refuted the allegations of the residents. Giving a lame assurance, she said that the work on the pond will begin after monsoons.

It maybe noted that this December, the Panvel Municipal Council elections will be held, a time when corporators will again make a beeline for their wards to woo the voters. However, residents expressed that this time they will not support their corporator when she comes during election time seeking their votes. With cameraperson Santosh Bodhare, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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