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Peacekeepers of UN all set to enter Syria to take control of situations

Syria President Bashar Al Assad all promises and assurance to maintain peace among the rebels and the army and to secure safety of his people had gone in smoke when the rebels attacked army checkpoints and in turn the army had to arrest a number of people who were suspected to be involved in this attack. Fighting and riots had also been erupting in Daraa, Idlib Central Homs and near Damascus since then and all the attempts to halt violence seem to be falling apart.

With situations becoming worst and slipping out of control, A Department of Peacekeeping Operations would be entering the country within 48 hours. The department which is lead by the peacekeepers of United Nations, part of the six point peace plan that had been put forward by UN envoy Kofi Annan to halt the arising violence in the country. The UN peacekeepers would be moving ahead of planning a ceasefire monitoring mission that would have 200 to 250 unarmed observers that would require a Security Council Resolution. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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