paredwadi--2The 125 years old Pereirawadi at Bandra is witnessing one of the first ever of its kind crisis with the state government re-developing the area under the SRA scheme. The residents who have been fighting accuse the builder of the SRA scheme of high handedness. Children of Pereirawadi protested against the builder’s behavior by way of a morcha from their homes to Bandra Police Station. At the station, the children gave roses to the cops to say thank you for not taking any action against the builder. Looking at the messages on the placards that these young and innocent children of Pereirawadi are carrying makes it not very difficult to understand that the builder of the SRA scheme here is using muscle power to get his work done. And it’s not the residents but these children who are telling unfortunate stories of how the builder is forcefully evacuating their homes and even beating their parents when they were protesting. The residents of Pereirawadi had even filed a police complaint against the builder. But when the police did not take any action against the alleged high handedness of the builder viz. Dilip Patil, the children took out a peaceful Gandhi march and tried to meet DCP Niket Kaushik. The children gave roses to the police officials at Bandra Police Station and thanked the police for taking no action against the builder. It is not hidden from anyone that the homes at Pereirawadi were demolished during monsoon and the residents were physically assaulted by the builder. Another resident said that the builder has created fear in the area to implement the SRA scheme. It is rather one of the saddest stories of democracy that children at such tender age have experienced the trauma of untimely demolitions of their homes in Pereirawadi in Bandra. The government so called SRA scheme has forced them to live as paying guests in other people’s homes. Will the Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh government sit as mute spectators even after this march will be a brutal wait and watch? Rajeev Mishra for NMTV News.

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