mobile-1Phones without IMEI numbers that is the “International Mobile Equipment Identity” numbers have been disconnected. This news has left Chinese mobile phone users panicky. What is the IMEI number and why should your phones have it? Phones without IMEI numbers that is the “International Mobile Equipment Identity” numbers have been disconnected from December 1st. WHAT IS IMEI NUMBER? Every phone manufactured in India or outside comes with a unique 15-digit code that identifies a mobile. This code is known as the IMEI number. It stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. It prevents the use of stolen handsets for making calls and allows security agencies to track down a specific user. IMEI number is very important in tracking down the movements of a phone especially in matters of national interest. HOW DOES ONE LOCATE IMEI NUMBER ON PHONE? A simple google search saying IMEI number + ‘your mobile handset model’ should help you figure how to access the IMEI number on your phone. WHICH MODELS ARE GOING TO DIE? The low end Chinese phones that have flooded the market are going to be hit. According to one estimate there are 25 million such phones in the country. WHAT TO DO? Readers who have a Chinese make phone need not panic. All they need to do is contact their mobile operator and ask them to implant an IMEI number on the phone. Remember the government doesn’t hate Chinese phones, it only hates the phones that don’t have an IMEI. The cellular phone operator association of India had made provision to incorporate a valid IMEI into such Chinese handsets through the use of a software mechanism but the response hasn’t been on expected lines. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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