photography-1Call it vision, imagination, or seeing; it all comes down to the same thing: the ability to envision a final result in your mind’s eye, and then to make it so with your tools at hand. That’s what pohotography is. Our weekend special feature today is this form of art – the Photography. It’s never been about the gear. It’s always been about seeing something, knowing how you want it to look, and making it so. Making it so is the easy part; seeing it in the first place is what makes a photographer. Powers of observation are everything. Photography and painting are the same. Each renders imagination in tangible form. The difference is that painters can work completely from imagination and take lifetimes to master the tools to render imaginations. The confusion is that photography is much easier for a layman to use and create what looks like a technically passable, sharp and well-exposed image. As most beginners discover instantly, simply having the best tools and technically sharp images doesn’t get the glorious, passion-inspiring results they intended. What’s important is that you should have the vision. A camera is really an excuse to delve deeper into a place than we otherwise would. Looking for a good shot forces us to seek out the unique features and scenic beauty of a location, to explore further, and to interact with our surroundings. When you press the shutter release, you’re making a personal connection to the place and it’s people. You are there. So what makes a good photograph? A photograph is a message. It conveys a statement, an impression, or an emotion. You are an author trying to convey this message in a clear, concise, and effective way. A visit to one of the city galleries will tell you how much one can connect to just an image. One such exhibition was seen at Piramal gallery where students had put up their work for exhibit. Be it the vegetable vendor drinking tea in the early hours of the morning, a new born child draped around adoring women, A young child taking bath in the little space, gleeful children of the streets, a beggar lying down in a posh street, or a kid walking amongst pigeons, each of the images have a connection an emotion that when can feel by looking at them. 24 year old budding photography Rupesh Shinde says that photography not just makes you creative but also takes you close to nature. For 21-year-old Rohan More, photography is the best form of art. These photographers do not have to go far for getting various moods and emotions captured in their cameras for the busy bustling Mumbai city. Many even say that photography is the perfect companion to travel. It encourages to discover an area; it provides tangible memories of the trip; and it is an enjoyable way to express in art. It captures the spirit of a subject and evokes emotion. With cameraperson Ranjit Gupta, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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