mother-india-3Today we have the story of an extra ordinary child, Hiren V Prajapati. Hiten has a birth defect that makes it nearly impossible for him to use his arms and legs for normal daily tasks. Yet, the brave 19-year-old youth is defying all odds to appear for his ongoing HSC exams and writes with the help of his left foot and left hand. This is Hiren V Prajapati. If you look at Hiren’s upper body you might not know that this child is extraordinary. Hiten is a physically challenged child from both his hands and legs. But despite his defects, Hiten has something that many of us lack. His strong determination to lead a successful life has driven him to the apex ladder of life. At birth he was declared as a physically, which had broken his parents to a certain extent. While his parents visited many hospitals to get their son cured, Hiten overcame his disability by acquiring the ability to draw and paint, just about when he was 7 years of age. Hiren has already successfully appeared for two HSC papers, English and Hindi. A special bench has been provided for Hiren to write the exam papers. He first grips the pen between his toes and then manoeuvres his left hand over the pen to write flawlessly in neat handwriting. Hiten aspires to follow the beliefs of Mahatma Gandhi and become a lawyer. For Hiten’s mother while Hiten’s disability was a painful for her, with time things improved. Hiten’s brother carries him to the examination centre to write the exams. Presently Hiten is appearing privately for HSC exam and filled his exam form at Sainath Junior College. Even the center at Koperkhairne where he is appearing for exam has tried to help him. Even the principal here acknowledged the strong determination that Hiren had. Hiren spends his daytime in studying and preparing for his ongoing HSC exam. In his spare time he reads Bhagwatgeeta, which spiritually elevates him to stand in the competitive world. Despite hindrances he appeals all to fight back. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV News.

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