The holy month of Ramazan signals evenings of culinary delight for people, mohallas are decked up with food stalls and mouth watering delicacies, pulling all to its smells and wafts. One thing that everyone looks out for during Ramzan is the evening Iftari, that is the scrumptious meals eaten in the evening when people break their daylong fast. Last week we brought to you the scene from outside Jama Masjid in Nerul. Today Dhiraj Mishra and Ranjeet Gupta capture mood found only at Mohd Ali Road in Mumbai – only during the holy month of Ramazan. During the holy month of Ramzan, fasting occupies central space in the hearts and minds of Muslims, but apart from fasting, Ramzan is also synonymous with gastronomic indulgence…once the sun goes down that is. The moment Azan (call for prayer) is heard, the fast is traditionally broken with dates and a glass of water. But what follows is an extravagant and delicious food marathon. Apart from a variety of fruit, sumptuous kebabs, tikkas, firnis and malpua also make a tasty appearance.Talking about Ramzan and good food, one place that ranks high with the city’s foodies, is Mohammed Ali Road. Minara Masjid lane, which is a choc-a-bloc throughout the month, sees gourmands and gourmets alike, flocking from far and wide. Walking into the lane, one is beguiled by the wafting scent of chicken roasting on a charcoal flame, and kebabs cooking on giant tawas. And after the first bite one soon forgets the heat emerging from the grilling and cooking. Moving further along the lane, there’s Shalimar, a little off Mohammed Ali road at Bhendi Bazar; it transforms into an eating hub during the season — offering food ranging from sweets and fast-food, to wholesome meals. Shalimar’s speciality is its Falooda and Shahi Tukda along with mulpua and firni. Spread over a huge area, with contemporary d

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