chain-The Navi Mumbai police has put up banners across the city to spread awareness amongst the public against chain snatching incidences. The banner asks the residents to beware of chain snatchers, but one wonders if the police is doing its job in safeguarding the people, that today it has to resort to banners for maintaining law and order in the city. In the wake of increasing housebreaks and chain snatching incidents, Navi Mumbai police have taken initiative to spread awareness among public by placing banners and distributing pamphlets across the city. One such banner has been placed outside D-Mart in Koparkhairane which says that the women should avoid wearing ornaments while going for shopping and should be careful about two-wheelers that follow them. The banner also states that if at all such an incident happens, the women should be alert enough to notice the number plate of the vehicle. The police have also appealed to the women that they should take care that the ornaments worn should be hidden. While the banner is a good means to spread awareness, unfortunately it also shows how the thieves are easily outsmarting the police with the latter failing to even catch them. With a rise in the chain-snatching and gold jewellery theft in the area over the last three months, looks like the robbers are putting the police’s skill to test. If the situation persists then it wont be long before when we can expect a banner which asks every household to have a guard of their own. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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