police1Accidents have been on the rise in Navi Mumbai and the public often blame the lax attitude of traffic police as of reason for traffic chaos and accidents. NMTV News captured how traffic police often shirk their duties when alert residents of Turbhe called the NMTV office during peak traffic hours. This is the Turbhe Naka of Thane Belapur Road, one of the busiest and strategically chaotic roads for traffic in Navi Mumbai. On one side of this road there is the Janta Market and on the other hand Hanuman Nagar, both densely populated settlements that see women and school children crossing the road at peak hours dodging heavy vehicles and crazy traffic flow. This is the reason why two traffic constables have been deputed at this junction. But take a look at how seriously the traffic constables are taking their duty. One was resting in a rickshaw and the other was busy chit chatting not caring that the were being video-graphed. One of the constables E K Deshmukh has been assigned at the junction only for four hours but he prefers to rest and shirk the calls of their duty by resting in a rickshaw illegally parked on the junction. When we spoke to him overlooking the troubles being caused to locals while crossing, E K Deshmukh pushes the buck on his senior. And when he spoke to his senior D G Sonawane, he says that this is an everyday affair and what is needed at the junction is not traffic police but a flyover. Frustrated public who were inconvenienced due to the lax attitude of the traffic constables spoke to NMTV News. Later NMTV News met DCP HQ on the issue who accepted that this was a grave matter and assured that administrative disciplinary action would be taken against the traffic constables. Whatever disciplinary action is taken against the constables, no one can deny the fact that the lax attitude, corrupt functioning and neglect of calls of duty of the Navi Mumbai traffic police is one of the biggest reasons for the increasing traffic issues and accidents in Navi Mumbai.

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