hording-3Its Election Code of Conduct again and if not anything, the city skyline is shining blue once again. Political parties have removed their hoardings and banners as per the Election Code of Conduct. A look around the city compels one to admire while enjoying the hoarding and banners free skyline, reports Jan Cabral. Just prior to the Election Code of Conduct the city never looked as ugly as ever, with every corporator and aspirants of the political parties putting up banners and hoardings at each and every nook and corner of the city. Faces that one would not have ever seen before were suddenly thrust in your faces on the streets informing the people about their upcoming events or well wishes. In fact, the numbers had multiplied so much that at times these huge hoardings would fall down on pedestrians and distract motor vehicles leading to accidents. One such incident took place when the hoarding of Congress corporator Namdeo Bhagat fell on a motorist injuring him. However, now Navi Mumbaikars can heave a sign of relief with the Election Code of Conduct which is in effect since February 25. We can expect the city’s skyline to be visible for the next month or so atleast as with the implementation of the model code of conduct, all the political hoardings that are largely responsible for defacing the city’s skyline have been removed. The political banners that were displayed in every nook and corner gave a shabby look to the city. And while political parties go on a spree of putting up banners for their publicity, Navi Mumbaikars are of the opinion that putting up banners will not result in an image makeover and that they should rather concentrate on public works. Permissions for new political hoardings will not be given till the time the model code of conduct lasts. Meanwhile, illegal banners and hoardings put up by political parties and candidates will be fined plus charged the cost of removing them. A team of NMMC officials will keep the illegal hoardings and banners under check. Action will be initiated against political parties or their candidates under the Defacement of Property Act 1995. Whatever the reason be, for those who craved to see a hoarding free city skyline, make the most of it while the election code of conduct lasts. With cameraman Satish Garud Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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