political-analiyses-1Political compulsions have forced major political parties to go into alliance in NMMC Elections this time round. In what has come as a shock for aspiring candidates, after the Shiv Sena and BJP, now even the Congress and NCP have declared an alliance. It’s happening for the first time in NMMC’s election history. Major political parties who pitted candidates against each other in municipal elections despite having an alliance in state and center, have taken a U Turn this time. All major parties have declared an alliance – where the Shiv Sena BJP has declared 75:14 ratio for alliance the NCP Congress has declared a 22:67 ration for an alliance in NMMC Elections. That means while the Shiv Sena would contest elections from 75 seats, the BJP would contest elections from 14. On the other hand the NCP would contest elections from 67 seats while the Congress would contest from 22. This will be the first time that the major political parties will go into an alliance for municipal elections. The Shiv Sena and BJP were the first to make a formal announcement of their alliance in a press meet presided over by Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut and BJP Navi Mumbai leader Suresh Haware in the presence of Navi Mumbai Shiv Sena Chief Vijay Chougule. Political analysts say that BJP and Shiv Sena alliance is being done because both the parties have never been in a weaker state that it is today. The BJP is a completely divided force with a weak party workers unit and the Shiv Sena might have a strong leader face in the form of Vijay Chougule but his entry has led to innumerable Shiv Sena loyalists beginning from the ranks of winning Shiv Sena corporators like Anant Sutar and Vitthal More to Shakha Pramukhs leaving the Shiv Sena party and defecting to other parties. While the other senior Shiv Sena party workers like Atul Kulkarni did not leave the party but have not accepted Vijay Chougule’s leadership. Under these circumstances, it would have been suicidal if Shiv Sena and BJP would have pitted candidates against each other in NMMC Elections and that’s the alliance seemed to be the only hope to put up a decent show that would save their faces in NMMC Elections. On the other hand, for Congress and NCP party, the alliance has spelt doom for aspiring candidates, more of the Congress. With just 17 corporators in NMMC, the Congress has no bargaining power to demand for any more than 22 seats though local party leaders are trying hard to convince their party bosses of giving them atleast candidature from 30 seats, which the NCP is not consenting to. If Congress contests from 22 seats, then only the local sitting corporators have a chance of contesting while their wives, family members, kith and kin can forget about their aspirations of contesting or winning. It is rather ironical that the strongest party of the country – the Congress is so weak in Navi Mumbai that they do not even have bargaining powers for seats when even the BJP managed to salvage some pride by getting 14 seats without having any corporator in NMMC. On the other hand, all alliances reports seem to be spelling good news for the Raj Thackeray led MNS party. The mood in the party was upbeat as MNS Secretary Nandu Satam informed that the committee report of the party has come and shows that MNS is strong to contest from 45 seats. He added that the alliance of BJP-Shiv Sena and NCP-Congress would further better their chances as rebel candidates will join their party and the seats they will contest would go up to 60 seats. Though the alliance have been made, if it stays then it would merely be for record sake as Congress and NCP would systematically work against each other besides pitting rebel candidates in all wards though the BJP and Shiv Sena would refrain from doing this. Now it will be a wait and watch what these alliances would spell for the major political parties in the 4th general elections of the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation. With bureau inputs, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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