Navi Mumbai News had recently aired a report on the innumerable political hoardings wishing citizens Ganeshutsav are spoiling the beauty of the city. In an attempt to gain maximum publicity, the politicians might be using festivals for putting hoardings and banners but this definitely is not being appreciated by Navi Mumbaikars who voiced strong disapproval of the same. Navi Mumbaikars do not hesitate at all to voice their protest on the political hoardings that are dotting the city skyline during Ganpati. Leave alone the big names of city politics, event self claimed street side leaders are seen putting up their hoardings and banners. Though the aim is gaining maximum publicity, the politicians are not scoring well with Navi Mumbaikars on this account. Angry Navi Mumbaikars shared their opinions on the same to Navi Mumbai News. They say that not only do they block pavements, they also result in adding to the mess of the city. India has seen the worst phase of natural disasters in the last few months. They say that instead of squandering money on such hoardings, which without doubt is mostly the tax payer’s money diverted, leaders should instead collect funds for rehabilitation of disaster affected or even for the betterment of those living below the poverty line. There is little check of NMMC on these illegal hoardings. The public says that it is outrageous for NMMC to not take action and thus, become a partner in the crime of depriving the state treasury of the charges that can be collected through these hoardings. When Navi Mumbai News spoke to the ward officer and concerned NMMC officials, they refused to comment in the controversial matter. The reason for the officials to run away from answering the public can be due to the fact that most of the seen faces on these hoardings have influence and power over the administrations’s working.


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