internet-puja-2The e-revolution makes all information available at the click of the mouse. You can speak to friends and relatives living on the other side of the world or even see them through the net. It does make life and things possible but is there a need to draw the line at some point. For instance, for performing poojas. The internet has definitely made the world a global village but how often do we hear of the concept of performing poojas on the internet? Hence it did not come as a surprise when many navi mumbaikars we spoke to were not aware that such a thing exists. However, this festival season, one could see the concept being promoted by several websites. Those who were aware, in majority, opposed the concept. Explicating their views, they opined that the internet for religious was definitely no-no because the reverence needed while performing religious rituals can never be achieved by a cold medium like the internet. Some others added that such concepts are conceived and work well only because of the heck-of-it attitude of mostly the youngsters who would rather not devote time to seek blessings. However, they are those as well who see no wrong in performing religious rituals online. They say that the way many have to live life in metros, they do not get time to even meet their families, hence the option to pray to god online, then it is definitely welcome. But religious gurus and senior citizens vehemently oppose this tradition since the sacredness and holiness of prayers are lost by such concepts. Especially, in a country like india, which has rich religious traditions, e-pujas are unacceptable. Whether the poojas are being accepted by the deities, is a million dollar question that remains unanswered.

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