Despite completion, the senior citizen center built at Mini seashore is still closed for the senior citizens. More than a month has gone by the completion but the center is awaits inauguration. The senior citizens are anxiously waiting for the newly built senior citizen center to be open for them. While the construction is complete they still have to face the locks on the door. Built more than a month back, the center is likely to house a library and leisure space where elderly persons can sit and interact. However, like every construction of the city, this too is plagued with many problems. While the initiative was taken to built the center, some work is still pending like power connections. Whether work is going on in the center or not is hard to tell as no worker can be seen completely the unfinished work. While the center has bought smiles to the senior citizens, they still await its opening. Another thing that was seen is that the center is built within a garden and that too next to a public toilet showing the poor planning and design done by the authorities. The public criticized the same. Forgetting just how ill maintained and smelly public toilets of NMMC are, the local Corporator Avinash Lad does not seem to accept that the placement of the senior citizens center next to a public toilet is any issue. He further defended the delay in commencing the project and said that the corporation would get it started soon. Beyond any doubt, it is really a sad state of affairs at NMMC that a structure in the name of amenity for senior citizens has been constructed for months but due to the lack of coordination between administrative departments and failure of corporator to follow up the matter, as of today the center stands as a wasted amenity built from public fund. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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