chowks-1With the aim of beautifying city chowks, NMMC has handed over many chowks to private parties for maintenance. But most of these private parties are changing the original identities of the chowks. There are nearly 18 popular and node centric chowks that NMMC has handed over to private parties for development. A decision that was taken 2 years ago seemed to have been a success as most of the chowks are now being maintained beautifully by the private parties, most of them being developers. But in the process, several private parties seem to be doing injustice to the original identity of the chowks. For instance, this is the Tatyasaheb Deshpande Chowk that was given to Agrawal Builders for maintenance and development. The builder group has done a good job, as the chowk looks beautiful today. The group has ensured its credit by putting up the nameplates of its group but the board with the name of Tatyasaheb Deshpande has gone missing and in its place has come board calling the chowk “Agrawal Circle”. A little ahead on the same road, Nikita Jewelers has adopted the Rajmata Jijabai Chowk but again this original identity of chowk has gone missing. And similar is the case of all the other chowks being maintained and beautified by private parties. While it is as much a responsibility of the private parties to help retain the original identity of the chowks, it is also NMMC’s duty to put up the nameplates of the chowks. At NMMC HQ, officer in charge DMC Jagannath Sinnarkar accepted NMMC’s folly and assured putting names of chowks soon. With camerapersons Vikrant Baile and Gyaneshwar Mali, Milind Tambe for Navi Mumbai News.

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