Potholes and non functional signals cause traffic havoc at major junctions of the city

NMMC has yet once again failed to provide a hassle free ride for the citizens on Navi Mumbai roads in wake of monsoons. Potholes have found their way at major junctions of the city, creating problems for the residents.

The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation spends crores of rupees in repairing city roads prior to monsoons, but the moment showers it’s the city, it is a bleak picture for vehicle owners. Potholes appear almost everywhere. One of the roads that are riddled with potholes is the stretch from Arenja Corner to Annapurna Chowk near APMC market in Vashi. And its not just pothole but huge craters have also found their way on this road. Locals speak on the problems that they face due to these potholes. Locals say that despite paying taxes to NMMC, there is no relief from them from potholes every monsoons.

Another major problem that this area faces is that of non-functional traffic signals. Along with potholes and these useless traffic signals, traffic is a mess at this busy junction of the city. Vehicle drivers spoke of their grievance with NMTV News. The traffic control police of APMC’s API Nitin Geete too admitted that it was very difficult to maintain traffic discipline due to non functional signals.

He passed the buck of maintaining the signals on NMMC saying that it was the civic body’s duty saying that letters have been exchanged with the Vashi ward office and work on the signals would begin soon. With cameraperson Santosh Bodhare, Gangasingh Rajpurohit for NMTV News.

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