power-loom1Already affected power loom workers have to face another challenge that is putting them in a dire situation. The load shedding of 2-3 hours daily has taken a heavy toll on the industry threatening a closure of the industry forever. The biggest power loom production centre of Maharashtra is situated at Bhiwandi. Bhiwandi is also known as Powerloom city which has provided immense employment opportunity to the workers. Immigrants from UP, Bihar, Assam and other parts of the country have come to the city and have found employment here. These workers who are dependent on electricity have to go through 6 days of load shedding with each day unperturbed load shedding of two to three hours are facing a huge setback on their work. The workers are paid on an hour to hour basis and since most of the time there is no electricity there working hours have reduced resulting in lesser pay. Industrial companies do not approach this centre for their contracts or projects now. Even the enormous subsidy in their electricity bill is spelling doom for them. Despite numerous pleas to the government the amount has not been brought down. Reliable sources reveal that when at the Pardha Center of electricity distribution, there is less pressure, the feeders of Bhiwandi are immediately shut down. If the state fails to find relief to the power crisis, then soon it will be permanent closure of the power loom industry. With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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