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Prakash More takes up problems of ward no. 49, Vashi with MSEDC and traffic department

Social worker Prakash More met with MSEDC officials to complaint against the open D P Boxes and deplorable condition of the sub stations at ward no. 49 in sector 14, Vashi.

Due to the negligence of MSEDC, open DP boxes and deplorable condition of sub-stations has become worrisome for the residents of wad no. 49 in sector 14, Vashi. This ward has a total of 6 sub station but all of them are in a pathetic condition. The ward has several open DP boxes and open cable wires lying around endangering the lives of the residents who live in this node. Residents of the area expressed their concern over the deplorable condition of the substations.

Another problem plaguing the ward is the traffic menace. The internal road sees undisciplined parking by vehicle owners who generally park on both sides of the road creating traffic havoc specially during weekends. Also sharing autos directly park in front of the MG Complex gate inconveniencing the residents to move about. The local corporator of the ward is NCP’s Shilpa More who along with her husband Prakash More visited the MSEDC office along with the RTO office and submitted a letter to the offices of the residents problems. Speaking about the sub-stations in the ward, Prakash More said that the capacity of the sub stations were less due to which cable faults were a common occurrence. He added that MSEDC officials only carried out temporary solution of just joining the faulty cables.

Speaking on the traffic problems, Prakash More said that illegal parking was a major problem in the ward. When we spoke with the Superintending Engineer of MSEDC, Vashi C R Mishra he blamed the problems on cable thefts. We then also met the Deputy Inspector of Vashi’s Traffic Control department Mahesh Honde on the traffic problems in the ward, but he refused to speak on camera. Now, it will be a wait and watch to see, if the residents of this ward will find relief from the grave problems that they are facing. With cameraperson Santosh Bodhare, Gangasingh Rajpurohit for NMTV News.

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